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Safe and Sound Chapter Six 

Title: Safe and Sound

Rating: T

Fandom: Once Upon a Time

Pairing: Crap ton

Summary: There were more than just the stories in Henry’s book. And because of it, things play out differently than you might think. Begins at 2x01

Notes: Stable queen shippers. This is your chapter. I promise.

http://www.fanfiction.net/s/8924928/6/Safe-and-Sound Chapter six

http://www.fanfiction.net/s/8924928/1/Safe-and-Sound Chapter one

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Chapter 5 of Safe and Sound now up! :D 

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Safe and Sound (7/?) 

Title: Safe and Sound

Rating: T

Fandom: Once Upon a Time/Castle xover

Pairing: Caskett, Tophia(OC’s), and later Stable Queen

Summary: A murder of a dance student digs up all sort of truths, lies and past lives?

Notes: Post-Once Upon a Crime in Castle(I swear I did not do that one purpose) and everything from the finale in FTL is canon and up to Apple Red as Blood minus the turnover is canon so yes Regina still has Daniel’s ring and Emma never left town. Her and Regina just… put up with each other and still fight.

Previous chapters:

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

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Dearest Readers, 

So this has been a  long time coming since about a month into writing Safe and Sound. My only reason it’s gone six chapters of being solely Castle is because I had so much of it already written and I loved it way too much. But from now on this is going to be a Once Upon a Time and Castle crossover. If you all have read basically any of my previous works minus my Iron Man fanfiction, you’d know I have a tendency to do crossovers.  Now, normally I would have left this fic just Castle but I’m trying this new thing where I don’t spread Sophia all over the place in fanfics so yeah, I apologize to any just Castle readers I really do but hey if you wanna keep reading that’s fine with me. Maybe you could give Once Upon a Time a try so you’d understand it better! :D But as of now it’s a crossover and you guys will start to see both Storybrooke and New York kinda setting up stuff for when they eventually cross paths which I’m planning on hopefully happening in Chapter 9 and if not, chapter 10.

Chapter seven shall be up soon! Love each and every one of you readers,


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Chapter 6 of Safe and Sound 

For those who like to read it on Tumblr.

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Chapter 5 of Safe and Sound 

Oh goodness I can’t believe I never put this up here for y’all to read. I’m so sorry about that. Here you are. Safe and Sound: Chapter 5: Everything Changes. Enjoy! :)

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So as some of you know, I’m turning Safe and Sound into a Castle and Once Upon a Time crossover and now me muse won’t leave me alone.

Sophia crossed her arms and sighed a little, well that was harsh. Why didn’t her mother just let her be? Sophia was old enough, almost nineteen! to be able to pick her own friends with good judgement. She just saw past Regina’s bitchy facade. What’s wrong with that?

Apparently to her mother there was a lot wrong with that. As far as Sophia was concerned Regina was one of her closest friends. Maybe Kate thought that as Sophia grew closer to Regina, she’d drift from Kate and that wasn’t true. She loved her mother so much, she was the only mother she had left. And she wasn’t about to lose her but then again, she wasn’t going to sacrifice being Regina’s friend for the sake of her mother and her’s relationship. It was horrible of her but then again…

She heard footsteps and looked up to see a very shocked Regina looking at her, “hi.” She said feebly.

"Sophia, what happened, I just saw your mother walk out of here looking very pissed off." Regina inched closer to her, "are you okay?"

Sophia looked around the empty Sheriff’s station and shook her head, “my mom and I just aren’t really getting along. And she said some things that I don’t really agree with and we fought about it and she left.”

"They were things about me weren’t they?" Regina asked, knowing the answer, "Sophia, tell me."

"Yeah, she insists that you are some manipulative bitch and you’re just manipulating me like you do with everyone else and that I’m gonna just get hurt in the end." She explained bitterly. "But I think I have good enough judgement to know that even if you manipulate other people and I’m not condoning that but you wouldn’t do that to me. You know you wouldn’t."

Regina put down her purse and placed her hands on Sophia’s crossed forearms, “I wouldn’t. And hey now, I’m trying to get better at that.” She said and walked over to get something out of her purse. She fished around for some tissues and handed them to Sophia, “here,” she said, “and just so you know, if things get that bad that you can’t even stay in the Inn room next to her, call me and I’ll come pick you up.” She smiled.

"You’re like the older sister that I never had." She smiled and wiped away some of the tears. She threw them in the nearby trashcan and looked at Regina, "and okay, I’ll keep that in mind I promise."

"If your mother was the only person here, where is Sheriff Swan?" Regina’s brow furrowed.

"Well, I think since my dad let August have some breathing room, she’s probably with him." She laughed, Castle had been with August, plotting god knows what non-stop since they had gotten to Storybrooke for his quote "book research". "And by the way, Henry’s with probably with them too. It’s summer vacation and I really don’t think he’s taken a liking to Dylan."

"He’s never quite been too fond of anything I like," she said, re-enforcing Henry’s stand-offishness to Regina’s boyfriend, Dylan.

"Well he likes me." Sophia said proudly.

Regina leaned against the desk and crossed her arms, “I’m almost positive it’s because he’s nearing puberty in the next few years and thinks you’re cute.”

Sophia laughed, “well I’m glad to know I’m off his hit list because I’m cute. Though he keeps going on about that fairy tale stuff and keeps saying I’m supposed to help Emma break the curse because I’m the Protector.” She air quoted, “yeah, okay, I’m an eighteen year old aspiring Psych major. Sure. Though, it would explain why I’m protective as hell about the people I love. Trust me, I wouldn’t get in fights with my mother over just anyone.” She smiled at Regina.

"You love me?" Regina asked.

"Like a sister of course! I mean Dylan and Ty are brothers and you’re dating Dylan and I’m dating Ty and if those relationships end up in marriage, we’re gonna be sister in laws and I also am not stupid and actually understand you. Well maybe they’re stupid just blinded by a hatred of some sort that I’ve never been exposed to because you’ve been nice-ish to me ever since I got here." She shrugged.

Regina walked up to Sophia and enveloped her in a hug, “well good, I love you, Sophia.” She smiled, having Sophia back as her ally, as her friend, felt pretty good. It was filling the void that started the day she banished the young brunette from the castle, just after Leopold died.

"I love you too," she said with a smile, hugging her back tighter. She giggled a little, "now, I had a great idea for some girl time at your house! It involves movies and makeovers basically…" She trailed off.


Kate listened to the conversation just around the corner, it was official. She was losing her daughter.

Gif credit because I can’t make gifs to save my life:

Sophia/Demi Lovato gifs: http://alice-mainstream.tumblr.com

Regina Mills gifs: “I love you” one found on fanpop and http://regina-fierce-mills.tumblr.com/

Kate Beckett gif: Unknown, message me if you made this and I’ll edit this and give you credit.

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